Going Organic

Carrots are thin, tapering orange-colored root vegetable known as staple food for bunnies and rabbits. But I ain’t no bunny at all. I decided to make a list of foodstuff to buy for my weekend grocery when I thought of going organic to be healthy. This is not just for me but also for my daughter who refuses to try new taste of vegetable every now and then. Every time I feed her with such, she would shiver and spit out that poor piece of veggies. Carrots are rich in Beta Carotene, an essential vitamin needed by the human body especially the eyes and with that, I could not afford my daughter to miss the benefits this vegetable can render.

I finally decided to include carrots to my grocery list. I and my daughter went to a store one day and a canned carrot juice caught her attention. She immediately grabbed it and asked me to pay for it. To my surprise, I saw her sipping all the carrot juice she could drink. After the said incident, I talked to her trying to explain the good things about eating carrots. Finally, she agreed to include it in our menu and said, “Carrots are good that’s why bunnies love them, now mom, it’s bunny me!”

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