Green Thumb

Green Thumb is the term usually used to refer to a gardening skill or the natural ability to make plants grow well. Obviously, I am no green thumb. I always end up getting frustrated on planting flowers, taking extra, extra care of it, yet, only to find out it would die after a week or so. I do love flowers, I love their colors, not only flowers but trees too as they give us shade from the overwhelming heat of the sun. I could not imagine living this world without the colorful flowers, the greenery scenic spots of the mountains. These little creatures balance our ecosystem by giving us oxygen to breathe, but then again, here I am hopeless to make them grow. I do not have this natural ability to let them grow effortlessly. But since I always take life as a big challenge, I am on my way to prove that I could be a green thumb. To start with, I bought a 2 bagged red palm tree to plant in our yard. Hopefully, it will survive. With constant practice, I believe I can make them grow, after all, as said, practice makes things perfect!