More Than Just Fashion

Wearing sunglasses during hot days is an important regimen to do. It is one way of protecting our eyes from the overwhelming ultraviolet rays of the sun. It is very important to protect our eyes. Think about the things you do with your eyes every day. No doubt about it, no one wants to get blind for life. Now that it is summer, we should avoid direct sunlight to get into our eyes as this would probably burn some essential parts of it that would cause irreversible damage. It is recommended to use shades or sunglasses. Wearing it does not always mean a fashion statement. Some may wear sunglasses with different styles, designs and colors only to parade it and add it up to their being trendy. But wearing it provides more than what is expected. It acts like a barrier from UV rays. I bought myself two pairs this weekend. It is trendy but shady enough to protect my eyes. Now I know, it is more than just fashion, it is a shield to the windows of our soul—our eyes, after all, our eyes were way too important to take chances with!

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