Vacation Special

The heat is on! Time to unwind from the stresses of work and spend time with our little daughter. I and my hubby wanted a new place to visit this summer. One that is fun, yet, educational for our little princess. Spending cash for vacations could be a waste of money for others, but spending it in dribs and drabs, on unnecessary gadgets for example is all the more a ravage. These things would depreciate after a few years but memories of a trip could last a lifetime. It was kinda absurd but seeing our little one save up all the money her grandpa and aunts gave her, drove us to pursue our plans of traveling for summer. We choose to explore Luzon, the northern part of the archipelago Philippines. My hubby handed me almost all the tasks for the planned trip, given that I had the most travels ever since. From hotel bookings, to purchasing airline tickets. Thanks to technology for not giving me a hard time. Glad to know, I have set everything months before his deadline. Now, we are all set to go. This summer, if you have a little extra money, consider spending it on a vacation with your family. It might be expenditure but with memories in the making. ABSOLUTELY, NO REGRETS!

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