Mashed Potato or Ice Cream?

It seems fun how food are decorated nowadays. Sometimes, I thought that food is judged based on how it is plated rather than on how it tastes. But somehow, people seem to believe that their appetite for eating can be mainly affected on how the food is plated and served. That is why I wasn’t able to stop myself from giving out a laugh when I saw a mashed potato that was served in a mini-plate that looked like a single scoop of ice cream. I almost got fooled with its appearance because when you try to see it from a far it, indeed, looks like a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Good thing that when I tasted it, it did not taste like vanilla ice cream! Haha! But kidding aside, for food enthusiasts like me, food is just food! And the moment it tastes good, it would always boost up anybody’s appetite even if it wasn’t serve the fancy way.

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