The Jewel Man

While I was strolling inside a new arcade in town, I saw a shop that sells pearls and sterling silvers. I was wondering if they sell eternity rings and so I went inside the shop. My eyes travelled through the line of cultured pearls inside the shop. Then a man asked me if I was looking for something. He was an old man, around sixty years old, and he was friendly as he approached me, and so I didn’t hesitated to ask him if they sell eternity rings. He guided me to another glass box and opened a tray of rings. There, he showed me a silver ring studded with Swarovski crystals. Then he told me that he made those ring himself. From then on, I called him the Jewel man. He even offered if I wanted him to make an eternity ring that is made of real diamonds. And now I’m thinking about his offer.

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