Adobong Matanda

Adobo has been the most popular Filipino dish. Overseas Filipino Workers would usually say they miss eating the dish when they have been abroad for quite a long time. It’s really different when you get to cook and eat the dish way back to your native home.

My dad also had his way of cooking adobo. The dish is supposed to be a stew, therefore a sauce is expected. However, my dad would love to have the sauce dried up and be absorbed by the meat. We used to call it “adobong pina-mala” (dried adobo) but just recently, we found out that it was originally called as “adobong matanda” in one of the provinces here in the Philippines. But regardless of the name, it is the best adobo that I have ever tasted n my entire life—my dad’s adobo. And I wouldn’t trade it for any other dish in the entire world!

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