Mangos Last Harvest

We do have a mango tree in our back yard. It is an apple-mango tree in variety and there are lots of fruit wholesale buyers who are wooing my father to sell it to them. However, my mother would always insist that she will never ever sell our yearly harvest.

During the latter part of 2011, the tree started sprouting its fruit flowers. We thought that the flowers will not really develop into the actual fruits because of the very strong typhoon which hit the city last December 2011. Surprisingly, small mango fruits came popping during the first weeks of January. By mid January, we started our weekly harvest of mango trees; but, just this afternoon we already harvested the last batch of mango trees. It may sound sad but we are not sad because we are looking forward for the first batch of fruits that our mango tree will produce for the year 2011.

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