Night-Out @ Kyla’s

My friends and I would always have this weekly meet-up session. We called our group “Chickadezz”—a name given by one of our male friends. We consist of four career-oriented girls of early 20’s and the four of us are in the same profession. No wonder the four of us clicked and created this bond. When we began to form our group, we then started to meet up at least once a week. Most of the time we dine-out or have coffee, but lately, we do other activities like playing badminton, joining fun runs and enrolling aero-dance sessions. Just like what happened last Wednesday, we meet-up again for an aero-dance session but after that, we then spent the rest of the night at Kyla’s Bistro—a popular resto-bar in the city. We dined there, enjoying their chicken, pasta and pizza and two of their desserts—the blueberry cheesecake and moist chocolate cake. It’s just so sad I haven’t taken pictures of the cake. But I could really say that it definitely tastes much better than how it looks! Now, I’m looking forward for our next meet-up.

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