Sparking Creativity In Your Kids

Most parents would want their kids to be creative. Kids who have a sense of creativity often grow up successful and satisfied with what they achieve in their lives. However, although their intention is to help their children, a lot of parents are doing it wrong. There are parents who try to push their kids to things like music, painting, etc. without even knowing what the kid may really want. Pushing your kids on something they’re not really interested in can kill their creativity, before it has been sparked.

In order to spark creativity in your children, you’ll need to provide them with the creative atmosphere. You do this by being creative yourself. Make songs, paint, write poems or stories with them. When they start to take interest, support them by providing them with the necessary materials to progress with their interests. Like if they want to do painting, provide them with painting materials.

As mentioned above, never force them to do something that they’re not inclined to. Also, make sure that you give genuine appreciation with their work and never judge or compare it to others. Doing so would discourage them, especially if they feel it is inferior to another work.

Passion For Fashion Blogging

Fashion blogs are everywhere. When you look at their websites, you will see people sporting different clothes and striking varying poses. There are the lucky ones who are sponsored, but majority of the fashion bloggers out there wear the outfits that they bought from their own salary. What is their reason for blogging? They just want to show you their style and how much they enjoy it. If you want to start your own fashion blog, then look at the tips below.

Learn From The Competition

Before starting your fashion blog, look at the big people in the blogging industry. Take note of their style, what makes them so popular, and what they do to stay at the top. Most of them have a huge following and you should interview one or two fans to find out what they like about their fashion blogger.

Set Up A Fun And Quirky Blog

Fashion is all about the colors and designs. Decorate your blog and make sure that readers will see your personality the moment they go to your website. There are paid websites or domains and this can help your status. However, since you are a beginner and not sponsored yet, you should go for websites like Blogger, Tumblr, Worpress, Lookbook and the like to showcase your style without paying a cent.

High Quality Photos

Readers will go to your blog when they see attractive, well-taken, and expressive photos that they can relate too. Blurry photos do not stand a chance, so if you want to be known, buy a good camera, or at least borrow one.

Update Often

If you only update once in a blue moon, you will not gain any following. Keep your readers interested by posting once or twice a week. Aside from that, the outfits you post should be unique so you will stand out.

Trends may come and go, but your passion for fashion will never go away if you really love it. Fashion blogs are a great way to showcase your creativity so go all out and use your imagination. You never know, one of these days you might get featured in the magazine because of your success.

3 Important Vitamins To Keep Your Skin Healthy

The skin not only serves as barrier and as support for internal structures, but it is also the first thing that people see when they look at us. That is why a lot of women fret over their skin and how it should smooth and shiny. There are several products out there that are designed to help keep your skin healthy and good looking. However, if you want less cost and a more natural approach, taking in the right amount of vitamins that is good for the skin should suffice.

One which is commonly advertised in skin care products is vitamin E. It can be found in food items like mangoes, avocado, tomatoes, broccoli and even in asparagus. It acts as an anti oxidant which combats the effects of aging caused by free radicals. Vitamin A also works the same way. It also serves an anti oxidant for the skin in the form of retinol, which is naturally occurring in animal meat.

Another vitamin for the skin is Vitamin C or your ascorbic acid. It plays a major role in promoting a healthy immune system and also acts an anti oxidant. A poor immune system will not only cause skin problems, but other debilitating diseases as well. Apart from the vitamins, it is also important to keep your skin moist by taking sufficient amounts of water every day. It is recommended that adults take in at least 8-12 glasses of water each day.

Tools For Jewelry Making

Jewelries can spruce up even the simplest outfit. Because of that, people from all walks of life use this everyday and you can see thousands of designs and creations on different stores. Some jewelry tends to be expensive, but that does not mean that you can’t save money by making your own one. However, before you can produce your own jewelry, you need the proper tools, so here are the ones that you are going to need along the way.


Because you wear your jewelries, fit is of the utmost importance. For this reason, having a ruler by your side while making this project is very essential. If you are trying to make the jewelry for yourself, more often than not you just estimate or use your arms as a model for the size. However, when making one for a friend, loved one, or even a customer, you must ensure that the length is right.

Scissors/Wire Cutter

Scissors and wire cutters are vital for this type of project because you cannot cut the thread, nylon, or any other materials using your teeth or Herculean strength alone. Some people use a utility knife or cutter when making jewelries, but this is not entirely recommended due to the danger it poses and the resulting uneven cut.


When making jewelry, you have to handle beads, strings, even metals. Some materials tend to be small and manipulating it using your hands alone may be too difficult. Aside from that, it would be a nightmare to squeeze or bend the wire using your fingers. To make your job easier, you can utilize the pliers.


Dealing with metal for your wire has several pros and cons. It is highly advantageous because of its durability, however it has rough and jagged edges after cutting which can cause a scratch or wound on the wearers skin. To even it out, use flies.

The aforementioned materials will make your jewelry making successful and this will grow as you become more acquainted to it. This is a great activity to do with your family and friends, not only to pass the time, but to have something fabulous to wear as well. Aside from that, with the right connections and marketing strategy, you can even sell it for a price. This means that you will have an extra income just by doing your favorite activity.

The Cost Of Being Famous

To live the life of a celebrity is like a dream come true. Thousands of fans screaming your name, millions of dollars in your account, travelling whenever you want, being a VIP everywhere you go; the list are endless. However, few things in life are taken for free. In fact, for some celebrities the price is too much to pay. Here are the costs of being famous.

Goodbye Private Life

Being famous means being in the spotlight. Everyone wants to know what you are doing, where you are going, or who you are with. Paparazzi follow you every second of the day and a camera is shoved in your face everywhere you go. When you break-up with your boyfriend, people you do not know will know it a few minutes after. In short, there is no secret you can keep.

You Are Scrutinized By Strangers

Because you are a celebrity, people feel that they own you. They bash you in the internet, news, and write-ups. The way you speak, move, dance, sing, interact with other people, and even how you live your life is scrutinized by everyone. When some celebrities talk back or give their side, they are laughed at.

Your Security Is At Stake

There are always haters, stalkers, and psychos out there who are out to get their targeted celebrities. Sometimes even wild fans overdo it by rushing to their idols and unintentionally hurting them. Aside from that, some celebrities are scared for the safety of their family so they have a hard time going to the mall or public places without having a security by their side.

Not Your Average Joe

Celebrities are not like any average person and this means that sometimes they cannot do the “normal things” that you enjoy. For example, they cannot dine in a famous eatery without being mobbed. They also cannot play in the park, stroll at the beach, or go stargazing anywhere in public without anyone asking for their signature or picture.

As you can see, being a celebrity is hard work. You have to please everyone every time in order to be loved. There are a lot of benefits to being famous such as having lost of cash and going to different places, but it is not without a price. So if you are thinking of becoming a celebrity yourself, ask yourself first if you have what it takes.