How to Handle Major Medical Bills

When you have a medical emergency, getting to the doctor or hospital is the obvious thing to do. Unfortunately, many Americans immediately think of their pocketbook and bank account and try to find ways to put off visiting medical professionals.

In some cases though, avoiding medical attention is going to make a situation a whole lot worse. Getting medical help is also necessary to diagnose some ailments that can be hard for the average person to treat on their own.

While you might be worried about the amount of money you need to spend at the doctor, getting a clean bill of health is priceless. Use this guide to learn more about how you can pay for medical treatment you need, even if you don’t have a million dollars in the bank.

Double Check Your Insurance

When people are facing medical emergencies it can be very easy to panic and run to the first free standing ER Houston residents recommend and trust. Doing that isn’t always going to be the best option for your finances though.

Wherever you live, finding a medical facility that you can use with your current insurance is important. Know where this facility is and always keep your insurance information with you when you’re away from home.

Knowing where to go when you need medical attention can save you money and guarantee that you get the quick treatment you need.

Ask for Payment Options

After receiving medical treatment for an emergency, you may get hit with a very large bill on your way out the door. Unfortunately the cost of emergency care can be quite high for many people.

If you can’t pay for your whole treatment, or it would put major financial strain on you, asking for payment options can be very helpful. Not all medical providers will allow you to make payments, but for many people, even breaking down a large bill into a six-month payment plan can make all the difference in the world.

Consider Discounted Payment

When you have a big hospital or medical bill in front of you and you can’t pay it, there’s a good chance the provider knows that. If you could pay in full, you would have done it already.

Asking for discounted payment to clear the debt is sometimes an option. Many medical providers will take 75% or less of what you owe to simply make sure they collect something instead of nothing.

Getting a New Driveway Installed

A driveway with a few small potholes in it can do some serious damage to your car. This is especially true if your car is rolling over those potholes day after day. You need to take immediate steps to fix your driveway if it is in poor condition. You will then have the task of finding someone competent to repair it. This might not be as easy as you think. It is true that there are many companies that do driveway repair work. However, some of these companies are much more skilled and reputable than others. Here is what you need to know in order to find a great company to install your new driveway.

1. Find a company that has been repairing driveways in your area for no less than five years.

Laying down an asphalt driveway may not seem like an incredibly complicated process. However, there is definitely skill involved. The company you hire needs to know what they are doing. Otherwise, you will end up with a driveway that is bumpy and has cracks forming in it. This is obviously something you want to avoid. You are paying good money to have your new driveway installed. You deserved to get the highest quality work for the money you are spending. This is why you should not hire an inexperienced company to install your driveway just because they will charge you less. Paying a little extra to hire an experienced driveway installation company will be worth it in the long run.

2. Does the company have a good rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB)?

The website of the BBB is where you should go to find out the rating info of the companies you are considering for your driveway installation project. You will be able to find out right away if a company has a good or bad track record. Companies with bad BBB ratings should always be avoided. These companies have consistently done poor quality work to earn those low ratings. Find the highest rated companies in your area and focus on them instead.

3. When will they be able to begin work?

Some companies will not be able to start working on your driveway until a few weeks after you contact them. You should keep contacting different companies until you find one that can begin work within a few days.

Don’t be Bugged by Mosquitoes

People who live in four season climates look forward to warm weather so they can enjoy spending time outdoors, but mosquitoes can make it difficult for you to relax in your own backyard. There is a variety of ways to repel these pests but a better plan is to eliminate them completely. Burning citronella, making a smudge or applying insect repellent helps, but insects are determined little blood suckers. Even a combination of these methods will only reduce the number of bites, and even one bite leaves an itchy and annoying welt.

Most homeowners are aware they should not have standing water anywhere near their home, but a nearby drainage ditch or pond offers an ideal breeding conditions for mosquitoes. A mosquito larvae trap placed in a few locations around the property offers a homeowner an effective weapon in fighting the war on mosquitoes. These innovative traps work by attracting mosquitoes to lay their eggs in water contained within the trap where they develop into larvae. The water treatment tablets placed in the trap at one month intervals entice the adult mosquitoes to the trap, but the resulting larvae are confined and killed before ever maturing to adults.

Mosquito Deleter is a product that requires little maintenance once the traps have been set up. A weekly check on the water level to ensure it is within a half inch from the top and adding water if necessary. It is not a problem if the trap is dirty since that only makes it more attractive to adults seeking a place to lay their eggs. Four traps will usually be sufficient to protect the average property of one acre or less, but more may be necessary in wooded or extremely wet areas.

Studies conducted on mosquitoes show they do not fly more than 100 feet from where they were hatched, and their normal life cycle is about two weeks. This means it is possible to control the mosquito population around your home without worrying about any flying in from adjacent properties. The bottom line is to eliminate standing water other than what is in the Mosquito Deleter traps and reclaim your backyard.

Canada’s First Smart Trampoline Is Here

According to The Childhood Obesity Foundation, between 1978 and 2004 obesity increased in children ages 2-17 from 15% to 26%. The numbers are even more dismal for children ages 12-17 whose rate of obesity increased exponentially from 14% to 29% –  It is no surprise that inactivity has played a major part in this with the introduction of an increasingly digital — and sedentary — lifestyle. It is a challenge to tear kids away from their technology and get them moving, but what if the two weren’t mutually exclusive? What if you could get your kids active in a way that allowed them to stay up to date with technological advances. The tgoma game app for example, has paired with the world’s first smart trampoline to merge fitness and fun like never before introducing a way for kids to track their activity, set goals, compete, and compare high scores with friends.This not only encourages kids to get physically active, but it motivates them to stay on top of their fitness progress using the app.

While companies like Springfree Trampoline are on the forefront when it comes to technological advancements for trampoline gaming, they are also leading the pack in safety, setting new industry standards. The Canada Safety Council states that one of the major injuries on trampolines occurs when a jumper impacts with the springs – normally situated very close to their feet, making it very easyfor them to fall or get pinched. Springfree uses flexible composite rods positioned under the trampoline so the jumper never comes into contact with them. If you visit Springfree Trampoline Canada, you can browse the models and see just how revolutionary these changes are.

Additionally, Springfree brings a new standard, using a stronger mesh for the net, supported by composite rods that will not cause harm, but will instead absorb the bouncer’s weight and guide them back to the surface. In fact, this new generation of nets will guide jumpers back onto the mat, or if they are a larger adult, safely to the ground without tipping the trampoline itself.

When shopping,it is important to look for a trampoline that meets or exceeds industry standards. Products whose parts have undergone rigorous testing for quality assurance are bound to be much more reliable. One way to ensure the quality of your trampoline is to see which manufacturers are backed by industry awards that include but are not limited to: The Parent Tested Parent Approved Award, The US Family Choice Award, as well as the International Design Award.

Trampolines are an excellent way to combat staggering obesity rates in children and smart trampolines will not take away their freedom to be digitally connected. However, the safety of your children comes first and settling for a low quality trampoline means settling for many potential risks. Through learning more about a trampoline’s design, you can easily reduce the potential for injuries and safely install fun in your backyard for the whole family.

Successfully Recovering From Major Surgery

Major surgeries can include almost any body system, from the cardiovascular to digestive organs. Your recovery will normally be a long-term process so that your body can heal and acclimate to the new conditions. Keep in mind that your quality of life should ultimately improve with a major surgery. Make the situation even more successful by following a few simple rules during recovery.

Rest is Your Friend

Don’t discount the value of sleep and rest. When you’re awake, your body has to concentrate on many actions that take the focus away from your healing. Sleep as much as you can while remaining at rest during your waking hours. Your body will have a chance to send out white blood cells and heal your ailments without too much distraction from strenuous activities, including cooking dinner or cleaning a room.

Write Down Any Issues

Be proactive about your recovery, and write down any concerns in a notepad. Don’t hesitate to write all of your worries and hopes in this booklet because it gives your doctor a glimpse at the success or downfall of a recovery period. In fact, you might catch a subtle symptom that might be a negative side effect to the surgery.

Consider Future Enhancements

Your surgery may have been a dramatic one, such as cancer of the eye. As you recover, think about enhancements that can better your situation. A prosthetic eye might be the perfect choice so that you can continue on in public without any extra attention drawn to your situation. As you near recovery’s end, discuss these possibilities with your doctor.

Alter Your Lifestyle Temporarily

Your recovery begins and ends with lifestyle alterations. Be flexible with these changes because they’re often temporary. Use crutches, wheelchairs and other aids because they’ll keep you safe from any falls until you’re strong enough to move forward without them. Ask your loved ones for help as well. The simple act of making a sandwich will be difficult for you at first.

Keep your mind healthy and active as you recover too. Use social media to reach out to people who aren’t in your immediate household. Text, talk on the phone and enjoy other diversions because your mental health is just as important as your physical well-being. Taking care of the entire self allows you to heal at a rapid rate with only healthy goals ahead of you.