A Sexy New Waist-High Bikini Makes The Perfect Holiday Gift

Few things make a woman happier than items that bring their sexuality and luscious curves to life. What better — and unexpected — gift to give the most important woman in your life than a beautiful waist-high bikini that shows off each vibrant curve of her body? Plus-size bikinis featuring tummy-contouring and controlling high waists that make any female feel beautiful and comfortable in her own skin, which is the greatest gift of all.

The fashion industry has been catching up to the common cry for body positive industry trends and there are now more plus-size options than ever before. Plus size fashion icons such as Robin Lawley and Liris Crosse are helping to bring body positivity to the fore, and remind designers that the average woman in America is a size 14.

If you are looking for the right gift that captures this spirit, online retailers such as swimsuitsforall feature waist-high bikinis that any diva of any size and shape can wear with pride. In fact, curvy and shapely women can feel more confident in a style that shows off skin while protecting those areas a woman wants to feel secure about. Waist-high options are not only trendy, but offer ample support and sexy coverage without having to resort to ruching, skirts, or boring one-piece styles. In short, a sexy waist is designed to be revealed in all its curvy glory, and what better way to do that than with gorgeous swimwear designed to be worn any time of the year.

The fashion industry is embracing body positivity and all its curves in all the right ways, especially online avenues. Women (and their men) can browse online for trendy swimwear styles for holiday trips, surprise vacations, or for taking in the sun on a grand winter adventure away from home. Shopping online for select styles of waist-high bikinis and other figure-flattering designs allows a person to explore many different colors, patterns, and fashions that fit both their personality and their shape best. Not only can many different styles be explored online, this can be done from the comfort of home without having to travel from store to store hoping to find swimwear that embraces the female body rather than shaming women into covering up.

A woman should be forever proud of her curves, whether she has shapely hips, a curvy waist, or a larger bosom. Gone are the days of covering natural curves in unsightly one-pieces or curve-shaming sarongs and over-shirts. Here to stay are the beautiful waist-high bikinis proudly promoted by swimsuitsforall, where women can shop with confidence for their exotic holiday vacations. Whether a man wants to get his wife, girlfriend, or special someone a gift that will make her eyes light up or he just wants to treat her to something delightful for an upcoming holiday retreat, a sexy swimsuit designed with curvy and womanly bodies in mind is a great place to start.

5 Helpful Tips for Your Next Home Renovation

Whether you’re building a nursery or tearing down a gazebo, it’s important to consider all angles of your home remodeling project. Here are five tips for getting the job done.

1. Watch Out For Pests

Is there anything wiggling behind your walls? It doesn’t matter if it’s rats, ants, roaches or termites; if an infestation is discovered, your contractors will be legally obligated to put down their hammers until the pests are exterminated. It’s a health hazard that they aren’t allowed to work around.

2. Think About Resell Value

It’s a common misconception that all remodeling projects are worth something. People think that “new” automatically equals “value,” but they aren’t taking into consideration things like trends, markets and what buyers are looking for in their new homes. Pay attention to these things if you don’t want to be stuck on the wrong end of countertops that have gone out of style by the time you’re finished installing them.

3. Draft a Thorough Budget

There’s more to creating a budget than just calculating the cost of nails. For example, here are a few of the expenses you might face during your home renovation project:

  • Tools
  • Materials
  • Labor
  • Delivery
  • Transportation
  • Insurance
  • Trash services

Make sure that there’s room in your budget for all of these things, even if you don’t think you’ll need them in the long run. It’s better to overestimate your expenses than underestimate them.

4. Keep Track of Details

It’s always the little things that come back to bite you in the end. A good way to prevent this is by creating one big portfolio that contains all of your notes, schedules, expenses, blueprints and phone numbers. It can be digitally stored in your smartphone; it can be in a physical binder that you carry around your home; the most important thing is that you both have it and use it.

5. Check Your Contractors

Were you aware that some states don’t require their contractors to be licensed? Others may have lax standards for certification or training. If you’re serious about only hiring the best for your renovation project, be sure to ask about education, experience and job histories when you contact local contractors for home remodeling.

These are just a few tips for remodeling your home. Good luck with your new additions, and have fun!

Skin Care You Can Find in Your Kitchen

Believe it or not, it doesn’t take fancy spa treatments that run your pockets, to get results when it comes to taking good care of your complexion. You need not go any further than your friendly neighborhood kitchen, right in your own house, to find wholesome nourishing treatments sure to put the apples back in your cheeks. We’re not talking botox and facelifts, but your kitchen can still provide quite an effective resource outside of that. There are several foods that not only do a body good, but a face too, and most of us want to give good face. Make an appointment with your local Kitchen…

Oh, Honey…

Yes, it’s sticky, but it does some pretty amazing things. Honey helps your complexion retain moisture. Manuka honey is particularly beneficial due to its high antibacterial properties. Perhaps the best thing about using honey for the beautification of your skin is the fact that it can be applied straight from the jar, without mixing it with anything else. How’s that for convenience? This is good information even if you can’t find it in the journal of cosmetic dentistry.

Oats…Yes, That’s Right!

Oats have incredibly calming and soothing properties, that’s why they are found in many treatments for acne-prone and sensitive skin. Oats can be ground to a fine texture and combined with many masks for the additional skin-calming benefits that they promote. Your skin is in for a real treat when you combine oats with honey. The honey promotes moisture and is antibacterial, while the addition of the oats adds calming and soothing properties to the mask.

Coconuts anyone?

Coconut oil, like honey, is another kitchen item that can be used straight from the jar. Coconut oil has intensely moisturizing and healing properties and also happens to be antifungal. Massage this into your complexion for a luxurious wholesome deeply moisturizing treatment for your skin.

All of these incredibly wholesome foods read like ingredients in a dessert but are actually quite simple yet effective treatments for your skin. Honey has many benefits when used both externally and internally. Oats are nourishing nutritionally and soothing and calming when used topically. Last but not least, coconut oil is a super emollient moisturizer with many additional perks. It is both healing and antifungal. Spa treatments from your kitchen are also great because they are inexpensive, have no side effects (barring allergies), and don’t contain extraneous harmful chemicals.

How Did You Ever Live without One: Hiring a Housekeeper 101

In today’s world, it is not uncommon for multiple members of a household to keep busy careers, volunteer positions, or even multiple jobs. More and more, even high school kids are saving up for university or earning some spending money by taking afterschool and weekend jobs, and while that’s great for their character, it means households can be pretty crunched when it comes to chores. With both partners working, sometimes your cleaning can fall by the wayside, or the bulk of the cleaning responsibilities fall to one partner, creating an unequal balance. This can lead to built up resentment, exhaustion, and other problems that don’t need to get in the way of a happy home life. However, there is an easy solution to this problem, and that comes in the form of a professional housekeeper. Hiring someone trustworthy to clean the house while everyone is away can be a difficult task, but fortunately, there are services out there that simplify the process. Below are some important things to look for when you go online to find a housekeeper.

Targeted Search

The service you use should provide a targeted search where clients and families can narrow down their specific criteria. Maybe a family only wants a housekeeper once a month, maybe they only want the most difficult chores done, like cleaning the carpet or the curtains, or maybe they want someone who arrives regularly to do basic cleanups like the dishes and the bathroom. A good online service will have multiple options available that can be tailored to a client’s specific needs, narrowing down your search from the get-go.

Notes on User Profiles

Online community boards should provide the client with a straightforward feature to attach their own personal notes to a profile, helping them save time by storing all of their notes from interviews and follow ups with their profile. Too many services that don’t allow this simple feature will leave you scratching your head trying to remember which notes apply to which profile when you go to follow up to contact someone for the job. You won’t have to worry about mixing up candidates or confusing your notes with must-have features like this one.

Favorite Lists

Another feature that makes sorting potential hires even easier is creating favorite lists, available on Housekeeper.com. If you’ve ever wished you could save the profiles of your top candidates to call in case your go-to professional is unavailable, favorite lists will quickly become your new favorite feature. Finding a great cleaning professional can take some time, and clients should be able to bookmark candidates that would potentially be a good fit so that they can come back to the website later without having to search for those individuals again. It’s one of the ways that newer, tailor-made online services like Housekeeper.com are making it easier to find help.

Customer Support

Another feature to watch for is strong customer service:any quality online platform should have customer service numbers and contacts available to users so that you know you can use their service confidently and securely.

Identity Protected Phone Calls

Another great featured, another offered by Housekeeper.com, is identity protected phone calls, which means that yourphone number is hidden when you contact a potential hire for a phone interview, meaning your contact information is protected until you’ve decided who to hire. There are a dozen other tips to consider when you’re hiring a housekeeper, but these are some of the things that can save you a lot of time and headaches in your search.

Providing Helpful Assistance to Cancer Patients

While learning that a family member or a friend has cancer is often overwhelming, there are several ways to help without offending the patient by becoming overly involved in his or her diagnosis. From providing emotional support and active, in-home assistance to offering advice or resources at the patient’s request, making oneself available is key when a loved one is facing a battle with cancer.

Although offering emotional support to recently diagnosed cancer patients can be tricky business, the sentiment is almost universally welcome. Depending on the personality of the individual with cancer, support may range from holding his or her hand when it all becomes too much to deal with to spending time together talking about family, mutual friends, work and anything but cancer; the idea is to simply be available to provide something that he or she needs, regardless of whether it involves discussing the disease or pretending it doesn’t exist for a few hours.

Cancer treatment takes a lot of energy and robs patients of their ability to manage their lives normally; when this happens, the best support may come in the form of cooking a meal for the patient’s family, tidying his or her home or even taking the kids for a couple of days at a time. The type of assistance does not matter as long as it is useful and welcome.

A common complaint from cancer patients describes well-meaning friends who go overboard when it comes to advising the patient on treatment, his or her prognosis or even on life after cancer. Even health professionals are guilty of talking only about cancer after learning of the diagnosis; by sharing information only when asked, the patient will not feel bombarded with constant conversations about the disease. Finally, those who want to provide something tangible to a recently diagnosed friend without overwhelming them may want to consider putting together a gift basket. Uplifting books for cancer patients, favorite movies, a selection of teas or coffees and other items that the individual will welcome come together nicely to create a gift that is not entirely focused on the disease.

The most important part of supporting a loved one with cancer is focusing on his or her needs. Offering only assistance that is welcome will provide a cancer patient with a well-deserved break from the constant focus on his or her illness.