Ways To Balance School And Work

Even if your parents fund your college tuition fee, sometimes you still need to hustle in order to make ends meet. After all, there are still bills to be paid and things you need to fix. As balancing both school and work life is grueling for the average person, here are some simple ways to manage everything and survive somehow.

Don’t Bite More Than You Can Chew

Taking on responsibilities is great. It means you are maturing and more than capable to handle stuff. But accepting one job after another knowing that it clashes with your school time is another thing altogether. You will not be able to focus on your work and subject, causing you to fail on both. The gist is to take on the role that you know you can handle. Never more than that.

Make Everything Accessible

If you really feel the need to work, at least get a job that is near your college or apartment. You are saving money for your fare or gas, not to mention the travel time is cut short. This extra time can be used for studying, sleeping, or having a life outside of work and school.

Use Your Down Time

Speaking of extra time, learn how to use yours wisely, especially when at work. No matter how popular your workplace is, there are still periods of downtime. This is when things are slow. In a fast food place it is around 3pm when people would rather sleep than eat, and their stomachs are still full from lunch. Other places have those downtimes too. During that time you can also sneak in reading or doing your homework.

Make Time For Recreation

What is the point when you are not enjoying things right? Just as your job and subject are important, so is your emotional and mental health. Invest on your happiness. Make time for it.

Not everyone is tough enough to do both at the same time. However, if you are disciplined and stick to a rigorous schedule, you will survive this period. And don’t forget to get help. It will make things easier.

Would-Be Vacationers Discover Time Share Nightmares

It all sounds so good when the serial vacationers sit down for one of those speeches offered at a hotel. They’re on vacation, after all, and the company giving the presentation has offered to pay for their dinner if they’ll just sit for a few minutes and listen. At that presentation, people learn about timeshares, what they have to offer and how they can provide the opportunity for people to experience real luxury at a fraction of the cost. Many people are instantly hooked, seeing an opportunity to own a piece of a vacation property without having to fork over millions.

While that’s the start of the process, it is rarely the end. Time shares often come with restrictions and traps that make them almost impossible to use. A person pays money for the opportunity to spend two weeks in the Bahamas. Later, they find out that the only two weeks are during Christmas or some other undesirable time. They still have to pay for something they will never be able to use. They find blackouts and rules that encumber the use of the property. As time goes along, it becomes clear that the timeshare promise is simply not all it’s cracked up to be.

One of the tricks that timeshare salesmen use is to lock buyers into long-term agreements. After all, if a person is already bound by a timeshare agreement, they are likely to just go with it. Service doesn’t matter because the new “owner” doesn’t have any options. It can become a nightmare for people who were just trying to provide their families with something meaningful. They end up blowing their hard-earned money on much less than they bargained for.

The good news for people who find themselves in a timeshare nightmare is that an entire industry has popped up with the sole intention of helping people in this situation. Timeshare relief companies work hard to help people get out of their timeshares. When a person wakes up in the morning and says, “I have to get rid of my timeshare,” companies are there to walk them through the process. It is not easy, but professionals with expertise in the field understand how to manipulate the system to get the right results. It’s one of the rare occasions where a person who has been wronged can get justice for that wrong.

How To Fight Social Media Addiction

With the world being swept away by sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, it is so easy to be addicted to social media. And a lot of people are suffering from this nowadays. If you feel like you are on your way there, or in that bad place already, here are some tips on how you can fight the overwhelming urge to stay online.


If you want to break free from this gruesome cycle, the best thing to do is remember what you need to focus on. What is the most important to you? Always go for work, chores, and family life over the need to update your post, feeds, and messages. As long as you are clear with your priorities and stick with it, you be able to control your dependence on social media.

Schedule Your Online Time

If the whole world runs on a schedule, so should you and your time with social media. Dedicate only a few minutes in a day catching up to your post online. Some people go cold turkey altogether, but if you think it is too soon, you can wean off the habit. Take it one step at a time. There is no need to stop logging in as long as you limit your stay.

Screen Your Friends List

What was your main goal when you created your social media account? Was it to be friends with total strangers or to catch up with longtime friends and relatives? A lot of times, you are sucked in with the first option. Having many “friends” on your list is a good way to network, but as it can easily lead to addiction, stick to having real friends and family on your account. If you really need to meet new people, make a separate account which you should only open when doing work related activities.

Social media allows people to stay connected. This connection is good if you are learning new things and growing as a person. However, if you feel that it is hindering with your life, it is time to acknowledge what is important and stop addiction in its tracks.

Simple Lawn Maintenance Tips

As much as homeowners want to, a “perfect” lawn is not attainable. A lot of factors need to be considered such as the weather and climate, the time you will spend on caring for it, and the condition of the soil. Instead, aim for a healthy lawn which you can attain by doing these simple maintenance tips that most swear by.

Mind The Soil

Though you step on it and take it for granted, the soil has much to do with the health of your lawn. Because it is alive, it needs to eat and drink, very much like humans and animals. Water it, put fertilizer, and take care of it like you would with any other living creature. For those who live in a cold environment, never put salt on the ice because it will eventually make its way into the soil and damage it.

Use Organic When Possible

Natural fertilizer is still a better alternative to the chemical infused kinds. Though the latter is great for the grass or plants, the soil will end up suffering. There are a lot of ways to create your own compost. The materials can be gathered from your yard, the kitchen, or the immediate surroundings. It is cheaper to make as well compared to the chemical fertilizers.

Go Easy On The Pesticide

There is nothing more irritating than having pests destroy what you have worked hard for or seeing holes on your lawn. Though a strong pesticide can help eliminate the problem, it will backfire when it kills all the insects. And mind you, not all insects who reside there is harmful for the lawn. With that in mind, go for organic pesticides that are generally gentler.

Water Right

How much watering should you do? This is dependent on where you live and the rainfall of the environment, the type of soil you have, and the grass. For most, once or twice per week is a good one.

A healthy lawn is only achievable if you are willing to put in effort in taking care of it. Do not aim for perfection because it is impossible to get. Be satisfied with the results of your hard work.

3 Reasons to Visit an Orthodontist

Your oral health is as important to your overall well-being as your weight. Healthy teeth and gums are less likely to lead to cardiovascular disease and unnecessary aches. There are oral issues that cannot be prevented, however. The good news is that many of them can be fixed so that they do not worsen. Misaligned teeth are usually a sign that you need to visit an orthodontist skokie il, but if you are not sure, your general dentist can guide you, too.

Here are three reasons why you may need to visit an orthodontist.


When the front teeth protrude, it is known as an overbite. An overbite may cause low self-esteem issues as well damage that person’s other teeth due to an improper bite. For those who play sports or lead active lifestyles, a bad fall could be particularly dangerous. Since the teeth stick out forward, damage could be caused to the jaw, lips and facial structure. An orthodontist can correct an overbite with braces, retainers and headgear for more intricate cases. Underbites, crossbites and open bites can also be rectified by an orthodontist.


Sometimes, a person’s jaw is not large or wide enough to handle all of their teeth. This causes crowding and makes it difficult to properly brush and floss. Neglected crevices tend to form cavities and can lead to worse dental issues like the need for crowns or root canals. An orthodontist is trained to handle crowded teeth. They can determine if some teeth can be pulled so the rest can be realigned for a cleaner and less crowded smile. Braces, aligners and retainers may be used.

Impacted Teeth

Impacted teeth are those that either do not fully emerge from the gums or at all. This is a more common occurrence among the wisdom teeth, but it can happen among others, too. An orthodontist will visually examine the potential problem as well as use x-rays to see under the surface. Depending on the severity of the impacted tooth, and if it is caught before the root has had a chance to attach to the jaw bone, the procedure to correct this issue may be simple or require surgery.

Your mouth’s oral health is important. An orthodontist can help keep your smile healthy by fixing overbites, crowded and impacted teeth through the use of braces, retainers and aligners as necessary.