Scrapbooking For The Noobs

Scrapbooking is a highly enjoyable and imaginative way of chronicling your adventures, celebrations, and achievements. With a bit of creativity and the right materials, you will have a colorful and meaningful scrapbook full of memories. If you are a newbie in this field, just read the tips below and you will be ready to begin your work in a few minutes.

Choose The Theme

  • Like any other art projects, scrapbooking needs a foundation and that is the theme that you are going to use. The theme will depend on your style, personality, or what you want the viewers of your scrapbook to experience. You can get ideas from different blogs, magazines, and write-ups like this. To make your scrapbook more unique, tweak the design of your chosen theme and add a touch of personality.

Get the Right Materials

  • The most basic materials that you will need for your scrapbook includes the cardboards for the main frame, papers where you will place your photos, spring or string, scissors, colorful pens and adhesive.
  • You can use any recycled materials for your design, do-it-yourself creations, or even store bought ones. Though the latter may not be as enjoyable as making the design yourself.

Assemble Your Photos

  • Your pictures are the star of the scrapbook you are making so make sure to include the most memorable ones. It should be clear and of high quality so the ones who will view it (including you) will enjoy what they are seeing.

Put Funny Captions And Designs

  • A scrapbook is not complete without the wacky description and heartfelt messages. To make it more enticing, put colorful captions. Aside from that, you can also place stickers, or any other additional designs.

There are many scrapbooking ideas strewn all over the net so you will not have a hard time looking for an inspiration. You can either copy the themes online or make one out of your own imagination. A scrapbook is more fun when shared with loved ones and relatives so do not forget to present it to them after it is done.

Renovating an Old House

An old house is charming, quaint and full of architectural details that reflect a bit of history. It provides an atmosphere that’s cozy and comfortable, until you decide to renovate. If you start a renovation without the right general contractors, your historic dream house may quickly become your worst nightmare.

If you love old houses, and enjoy renovating them, you may not be able to resist an old fixer-upper, especially one in a great neighborhood below market value. However, it’s important to consider renovation costs before you the house. Many old houses come with hidden problems and require repairs that can cost you a small fortune. Here are some important tips that can make the purchase of an old house pay off.

Assess Your Renovation Costs

Assess your renovation costs before you buy an old house that needs repairs. Based on the existing condition of the house and your renovation plans, add up the costs. Your estimated costs should be as accurate as possible and include materials, labor and installation figures. Subtract your estimated costs from the home’s current market value based on comparable real estate prices in the neighborhood. Next, deduct another 10 percent for unforeseen renovation problems, changes and inflation. The figure that remains should be your offering price on the house.

Include an Inspection Clause

Make sure you include an inspection clause in the real estate contract. At best, an inspection will assure you that the house is a good investment; at worst, it will help you back out of the deal. With an old house that needs repairs, an inspection clause is essential before you buy the house. With an inspection clause, the inspector will document any serious problems that exist. You can ask the seller to pay for repairs or negotiate the sale price downward. If the house needs significant structural or foundation repairs, plumbing and electrical upgrades or a new roof, you could easily spend $50,000 to $100,000.

Choose Renovation Projects That Pay Off

The ideal old house or fixer-upper is one that requires mostly cosmetic improvements like new paint, floor refinishing, drywall or ceiling repairs, new kitchen appliances, kitchen or bathroom cabinets, lighting fixtures, and exterior doors and shutters. Cosmetic improvements don’t cost as much as structural, electrical and plumbing repairs, but they offer a good return on investment. Cosmetic improvements and upgrades will boost visual appeal and property value for future buyers.

Spoiled Rotten Celebrity Kiddos

Some children are living in poverty with nothing to eat and few clothes to wear, while there are those who are literally millionaires even before they come out of their mother’s womb. These lucky children are the celebrity kids, the ones who are born with silver spoons. From designer clothes to expensive toys, see how lucky they are and how spoiled they can be.

Luxury Clothing

  • Few people get to view a fashion show, what more the Paris Fashion Week. Well, being the daughter of Jennifer Lopez sure has its perks. Her daughter Emme not only caught a glimpse of the modeled clothes, she also got a front row seat at the fashion show itself.
  • For kids like Suri Cruise, knowing what to eat, much less wear is not a problem at all. In fact her clothes costs more than $2000, and that is just her coat.
  • Celebrity kids, even baby’s are pampered with designer clothes, shoes, and bags that will make your eye pop out when you see the price tag.

Toys For The Big And Small

  • Justin Combs is not worrying about his allowance or what car he is going to get. His rich daddy P. Diddy gave him a luxury car amounting to $360,000 when he turned 16. People are wondering what his dad is planning for his 21st birthday, maybe a whole racetrack to make his son happy.
  • Halle Berry’s daughter is one lucky gal because her mother was seen with a shopping cart overflowing with toys.

Special Treatment

  • Even President Obama treats his children by letting them attend private concerts from Bieber and Glee.
  • Beyonce’s daughter looks like she is having the time of her life even if she’s still a baby. Her bathtub is reportedly adorned with Swarovski and her crib is more than $3000.
  • Celebrity babies and kids have their own estates, yachts, and large bank accounts, and they haven’t even worked yet.

Celebrities love to spend their money on their children. They buy the most expensive clothes, gadgets, and provide their kids the best things that money can buy. While there is nothing wrong with this scenario, sometimes you cannot help, but just feel jealous. So the next time you buy that concert ticket, remember that the money you spent will add up to their children’s toys. Hey at least you made them happy.

The Best Remedy for a Super Active Mom

When you live the Super Active Mom lifestyle, you’ll need a way to relax once in awhile. In between taking kids to their scheduled activities, keeping up after the house, cooking meals, changing the baby, feeding the baby, putting the baby to sleep, and oh yeah, that little thing called your career, the life of a super active mom can feel hectic, stressful, and at the least, completely taxing. That is why it is important to rejuvenate once in awhile. In order to meet your responsibilities as full-time momma, you need to take care of numero uno once in awhile.

To better serve your family, make sure you take care of yourself first. There is nothing selfish about making sure you are properly taken care of. It’s important to maintain your optimal wellness by staying in good shape. Getting good sleep when you have a baby is almost out of the question, but do your best to get rest when you can. Take some naps, get your partner to give you a day out alone once in awhile for some peace of mind, even ask mother-in-law to babysit out of the house if you have to- whatever it takes to get some rest.

After you’ve ensured you’ve gotten some rest, make sure you stay in shape. Letting your exercise habit lapse is dangerous. Not only will your physical fitness decrease and you will be at greater risk for health problems later in life, but your confidence and self-esteem will drop as the pounds increase. Stay in shape through some easy walking, even forming a group of moms or other ladies who are looking for help staying motivated to stay active. Strap on your baby or push it in a stroller if you have to- but make sure to get out and move, getting some necessary Vitamin D, too.

Lastly, after you’ve ensured your fitness and rest are adequate, pamper yourself once in awhile. There’s nothing wrong with treating yourself to a Day Spa in Chicago. When you can convince the MIL to take the kids (shouldn’t be too hard if she’s like most grandmas), get yourself in for a relaxing and rejuvenating treatment at the day spa. This will make you feel like a million bucks, both in the moment and later on. When you’re back home in the hectic everyday schedule of a Super Active Mom, you’ll look back on those hours at the day spa and dream about the next visit, recharging your batteries both while you’re at the spa but also when you’re away handling your business.

Maintaining Your Luxury Handbag

You are reading this because you finally bought that designer handbag you have been drooling for. After saving up and purchasing one, the realization that your handbag is very expensive dawned on you, and naturally you want to know how to preserve it to last a long time. Do not worry because by following the tips below, your luxury bag will be in tip-top shape.

Tip #1- Dust Bag

  • Dust bags or covers are included whenever you buy a designer bag. It was given to you for a reason, and that is to protect your beloved handbag when not in use. Dusts affect leather, and prolonged exposure to it will damage your bag. Before storing it in the dust cover, make sure to place a stuffing inside your bag to preserve its shape.

Tip #2- Keep Tabs On the Contents

  • Women have this habit of putting almost everything they own inside their bag. While this may save them in case of an emergency, their bag will not be happy with the situation. It will stress the bag and cause damage in the long run. Keep your things at a minimum and only bring the things you need to survive the day.

Tip #3- Water and Designer Handbags Do Not Mix

  • It is not your fault that you get caught up in the rain while sporting your luxury bag; however, do have the heart to dry or wipe it off. Aside from that, have your handbag treated once it a while to restore it to its mint condition.

Tip #4- Yes To Cool Areas, No To Heated Ones

  • Designer bags are best stored in a cool and relatively dry area. Sunlight, heat, and intense weather conditions will destroy your bag so protect it by keeping it properly stored.

Luxury handbags are hard to attain. In fact, only a small percentage of people have the capability to buy one. If you are the lucky few, do not take the opportunity for granted and learn to appreciate it. By doing the tips above, your bag will look good and will last you a long time.