Time to Explore the Digital World of Arts

To be upfront, I graduated with a degree in something that’s a mix of different things. I took up a variety of courses from computer science to finance to marketing and communication arts. I have high expectations of myself. But to my disappointment, I have barely scratched the surface of my potential.

I have been a communicator for so long that I’ve simply stuck with my strengths and forgotten the rest. That, to me, is unacceptable. I want to my multidimensional. I don’t want to be boxed in. And the way I see to achieving this multidimensional self is to explore other media of self- expression. I don’t just want to write, I want to get into art. I want to be able to manipulate images and create my own images. I want to create vector shapes and awesome digital paintings. I want to be able to design websites, posters, heck, even billboards.

Oh, but I’m just afraid I don’t have enough time for that. I have 3 jobs that I’m tied to. Where am I going to put that in?

3 Tips for Securing Telemedicine Jobs

Telemedicine is a diverse and fast-growing field, but it isn’t always easy to find telemedicine jobs unless you know where to look. Here are just three tips for starting your career as a physician over the phone.

1. Look Online

Telemedicine directories will often list open positions within certain companies. You can also join telemedicine forums and talk with others about how they got started and where they found employment. Anything is possible with the power of the Internet, so don’t be afraid to fire up Google and find the job of your dreams!

2. Join A Network

There are many networks for telemedicine professionals out there. For example, the Absolutely Thin Independent Medical Associate Program (ATIMAP) is for physicians who want to counsel patients on weight loss. Look for these groups to land a job within your field of specialty.

3. Freelance

If all else fails, consider striking out on your own. You might need special licenses by the state to start your own telemedicine business, but if you don’t mind being your own boss, freelancing can turn into an exciting and independent career path!

These are just three ways to start a vibrant career in telemedicine. It may not be the most traditional way to practice medicine, but it’s greatly valued by patients and growing in opportunities by the day. There are people in the world who can’t or won’t schedule a sit-down appointment with a doctor, so you’re their final hope. Good luck!

Great Benefits of Soluble Calcium Supplements

Did you know that approximately half of all adults and children in the United States do not get the daily recommended dosage of calcium? Though you might think that you can get the necessary amount of vitamins, minerals and nutrients from your diet, you might find that you get half or less than the amount you need to build healthy bones and muscles. With soluble calcium supplements, you can get the calcium that your body needs and enjoy some other benefits too.

Easy to Take

Have you ever held a calcium or vitamin supplement in your hand before? Some of these supplements are so large that you might worry that you can’t swallow one. Reminding yourself to take a supplement every day is also hard. With soluble calcium, you can toss a supplement right into the glass of water that you drink to start the day or the water you drink with lunch. The calcium dissolves right into the water.

More Than Calcium

Calcium supplements often contain more than just calcium. When you buy from MyCalsura.com and other websites, you get supplements that also contain Vitamin C, magnesium, Vitamin D, iron and other vitamins and minerals. The supplements dissolve in water, which makes it easier for your body to digest, absorb and use those vitamins and minerals. With calcium supplements, you can improve the strength of your body, improve your health and feel happier knowing that you made the right choice to help yourself.

Going for Short Hair, Is it For You?

A lot of women are scared of cutting their hair short and trying a new style. As years pass by, short hairstyles have become a trendy choice for many. These looks were once thought as boyish or mom cuts, however, with the creativity of stylists, they garnered the notion of being more feminine.

There are numerous benefits you can achieve when opting to go short. Obviously, you can take proper care of your hair a lot easier. You can use different products to make your hair shine or look the way you want it to be. The growth of hairstyling products have grown drastically, so you have numerous choices.

Going for short hair entails wise decisions so you don’t have to regret on the final look. Make sure that you focus on the shape and angle of your face so you can achieve the right cut. You can ask your hairdresser about the perfect style that will suit you. No matter what style your crowning glory has, make sure you flaunt it and be proud of it.

Must Have Baby Supplies on the Go

Being a new parent certainly doesn’t mean that life has to slow down. Instead, You’ll just have to change the way that you do things slightly, such as by carrying extra items with you when you run your weekly errands. If you are an active parent and don’t want to hire a babysitter to take care of your little one as you take care of business away from home, there are several must-have items you need to consider carrying with you in order to make you and your child’s travel experiences as stress free as possible.

This article was written with the less obvious items in mind. So you won’t find car seats, diaper bags, strollers or pacifiers here. What you will find, however, are the helpful little things that are easily forgotten.  Keep reading for a list of must have baby supplies for when you’re on the go!

Electricity-Free Food & Beverage Warmers

Electricity-free food and beverage warmers are great for taking long trips when you don’t know whether you’ll have easy access to a kitchen or a restaurant. When your travel time starts to run into your baby’s next scheduled feeding time, you can simply pull out their warm food container and feed your child as if you were sitting at home.  This will stop them from crying because they are hungry, and will stop you from needing to rush home in order to feed them on time.

Baby Seat

Baby seats are especially useful if you find yourself standing in a long line or in any situation where you may have to sit still for a while and you don’t want to exhaust yourself by holding your child the entire time. Plus, a good baby seat will allow your child to sit in an upright position with perfect posture. Independence can also be established if your child isn’t constantly being held by mummy or daddy. With that said, a baby seat can come in useful at home as well, so is a must buy item.

Baby Nasal Aspirator

What is the one thing you can expect to happen more than anything else during your early parenting years? I will give you a hint: It involves a great deal of tissue usage and is widely considered gross by non-parents. The answer is cleansing your baby’s stuffy nose.  A nasal aspirator can be used as an effective replacement for facial tissue used to clear your child’s nostrils of mucus. It is a rubber, one-piece designed bulb and syringe, that is small enough to be stored in any handbag or purse, and can be carried with you anywhere.

Taking the time and spending a little extra money to gather the necessary items before taking your baby outside the house will lessen any potentially stressful situations and facilitate your efforts to keep your baby happy, healthy, and hopefully, free of tears.  Keep the above items in mind, and consider taking them with you every time you leave the house.