Amanda Bynes The Twitter Baby

Amanda Bynes, one of the most promising stars of her generation has been garnering a lot of negative comments these days. According to her neighbors, peers, news, and publications, she has been displaying some notably weird behavior. However, the actress herself disputed the following claims and said that she is happy. She is also posting a lot of tweets lately and even threatened to sue the people who are saying false things about her.

Rumors On Her Behavior

  • According to her neighbor, she seems to be having a conversation with inanimate things.
  • People from the gym that she went to were astonished by her bizarre behavior. They stated that she talked to herself and cried after her wig slipped off.
  • She reportedly did not pay for some clothes, but apparently went back after realizing this.
  • She kept posting wacky pictures of herself on Twitter.

Amanda’s Retort

  • According to Amanda, the stories circulating around the internet are false. She wants to take legal action by suing blogs and major publications for writing about her so-called “erratic behavior.”
  • Bynes kept saying that compared to her posted pictures, Kid Cudi’s are questionable. She even stated that her ex kept bad mouthing her to other people and the press.
  • Amanda is happy with her pictures and tweets and said that she is obsessed with herself on Twitter.

Relatives, Friends, and Supporters

  • Even with all the bad publicity, some of Amanda’s fans are sticking by her and thinks the paparazzi are stepping over the line. Aside from that when you read forums, you will see her fans telling other people that it is wrong to speculate over ones mental health without having conclusive evidence.
  • Amanda Bynes family is concerned for her well-being and continues to reach out.

Like many Hollywood stars before her, it seems that Amanda Bynes is going through difficult times. She has several run-ins with the law and rumors are still circling about her. In the end she is the only one who knows herself best and if she says that she is happy, then that should be respected by other people.

Signs of Poor Distribution Channels

As a business owner or the manufacturer of products, you know that your distribution channels are just as important as the products that you make. Whether the trucks that carry your products to stores do not get good mileage, the drivers like to take breaks or the owners of those shops take too long to put those items on shelves, you’ll have a harder time turning a profit. Those small issues limit the access that customers have to your products and may make stores less willing to place orders with you, but there are some signs you can look for that indicate poor distribution channels.

Customers Can’t Find Your Products

When you launch a new product, you should always check online and read some of the reviews that you come across to see if customers can actually find that product in stores. While there is a chance that they can’t locate those items because the products were so popular that stores sold out, it can also indicate that the stores either did not get the merchandise or has not yet put the merchandise out for sale. This can be a sign that shop owners aren’t working with the distribution network that you established.

Estimated Shipping Takes Too Long

Whether you send out products on trucks or by mail, you have an idea of how long shipping should take. The total length of time depends on the shipping method you selected, the location or your office or facility and where the products go. If you notice that the estimated date of delivery keeps changing and that it takes longer for your products to arrive, you might consider distribution testing. Companies can test your networks and channels to determine why it takes longer for those products to arrive and how you can reduce the shipping time.

Complaints Among Shop Owners Rise

Another sign of a problem in your distribution channel is when the number of complaints that you get from shop owners starts rising. Shop owners want to get products from manufacturers within a short period of time and get those items on their shelves faster. If you promise to deliver products by a certain date and your shipping suppliers cannot keep up with those demands, you’ll notice a swift increase in complaints. It’s important that you fix any issues in your distribution channels to keep your clients and customers happy.

Fun Remodeling Projects For The Home

Whether you’re looking to add value to your home or you want to change the look or function of the home so that there’s more life and personality and more space, a remodeling project is a benefit. There are numerous ideas that you can consider before you start working. An idea would be to contact a home remodeling San Diego contractor who can offer a few ideas and then complete the work that is needed so that you can focus on decorating and making sure the project is done the way that you want.

An interesting remodeling idea is to lower the floor of the living room to make a recessed area where you can sit on comfortable couches that are placed around the perimeter. It’s like a fire pit but inside the living room. Install stairs that lead from the new space to the upper level of the room. When you begin this remodeling project, use the same color of carpet as the rest of the room so that everything blends together.

If you have an attic that you’re not using, then turn it into a bedroom. You might have to add a few windows, but once you’re done with the transformation, you’ll see that it’s a beautiful new space for a child to enjoy, for you to have a larger bedroom in the home or for visitors to have a place to sleep when they stay at your home. Another option for the attic is to make a playroom or a room where the kids can enjoy playing their games without interfering in other things that are going on in the home.

Store all the books that you have in the home under the stairs. This is a unique design idea that allows you to keep all the books that the family enjoys reading in the living room but out of the way so that you can use other decorations on the walls, tables, and shelves. You can also use the space under the stairs for storage. Install a door under the stairs so that everything you keep inside is hidden from view from those who come to visit and so that the design blends with the staircase itself.

Top Reasons Why You Can’t Concentrate

As you are reading this, you are probably shifting your attention to other things around you instead of focusing. If you feel guilty right now, lack of concentration is one of the problems you need to fix. As it is important for work and the everyday living, you must know the top reasons why you cannot concentrate to eliminate the issue.


Stress due to work or problems, whether because of family or personal reasons will make you unable to focus. Instead of doing the task at hand, your mind will shift to your dilemma. This is usually coupled by anxiety and may manifest itself through physical issues like deterioration of health. Solve the underlying cause if you want to move on from this. Only then will you be able to concentrate.

Lack Of Sleep

The body and mind needs some rest. Six to eight hours to be exact. If you go on without sleep for days, you will lose your focus, get easily irritated, and be prone to sickness. For busy people, power naps can help. Get this when traveling to and from work, at lunchtime, or when you have free period.

Social Media Addiction/Obsession/Fascination

People are dependent on social media these days, especially Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, among many others. They feel the need to be on constantly, thinking about the likes and follows instead of what they should be doing for the day. If it impedes with your everyday living and saps your concentration, maybe it is time to lay off for a while.

No Interest

While studying or doing your work, do you often find yourself wishing that you are somewhere else? If you place little to no attention to those things, you are probably not interested with the topic. A good solution is to take a break from time to time, and rewarding yourself when a task is complete. You can also find ways to make the subject more appealing.

Lack of concentration is brought by health problems, social factors, and human nature. If you think it stems from health reasons and is alternating your way of living for the worst, it is time to seek the doctor’s help.

Go Higher In Your Health Life With These Tips And Pointers

No matter what level of health you’re on, there’s always a deeper dimension of wellness to be attained. The pursuit of greater wellness is worth it because some of the outcomes include enhanced self-confidence, boosted immunity, and more energy. Below you’ll find just three of numerous strategies you can implement to go higher in your health life:

1. Gain More Knowledge About Hormones.

One of the best ways to go higher in your health life is by increasing your knowledge of wellness topics. One topic that you should definitely learn about is hormones. For example, cortisol is the hormone that promotes triglyceride breakdown during periods of prolonged exercise. Also, insulin is the hormone that helps remove glucose from our blood. When our hormones are imbalanced, we run the risk of experiencing multiple unwanted health complications. This is why learning as much about them and how to keep them in alignment is immensely important. In the event that you experience a challenge with your hormones, make sure that you consider the value of attaining hormone replacement therapy. The hrt for men and women provided by Global Life Rejuvenation can help you attain the therapy assistance necessary for optimal physiological function.

2. Become More Conscious Of The Food You Eat.

Another pointer that can help you attain a deeper level of wellness is becoming more conscious of the food you eat. Learning more about the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that are in your food is a wonderful way to begin optimizing your diet so your body has all that it needs to thrive. You can use free online tools such as to start learning more about what’s in the food you eat. If you type a keyword like “mushroom” into the search field on this website, you’ll learn that it contains key nutrients like copper, selenium, vitamin B, phosphorus, and pantothenic acid.

3. Get Into Yoga.

The majority of Americans aren’t physically active, and this reality has a negative impact on health. However, people who are getting serious about wellness should know that by getting active now, they can provide themselves with multiple wonderful health outcomes. Some of them include enhanced posture, clearer thinking, and weight maintenance or weight loss. One great form of physical activity to engage in to generate these outcomes is yoga. This restorative form of exercise emphasizes stretching and involves yoking the mind and body in a manner that facilitates holistic health.

Go Now!

Procrastination engenders stagnation, but changing your behaviors in a strategic manner can facilitate ongoing growth and unlimited transformations. With these ideas in mind, start using the wellness techniques outlined above so you can become healthier than ever!